Understanding each other get us together, knowing us unite us.






AUSTRALIA COLOMBIA CHAMBER OF COMMERCE has wanted to incorporate more thought elements and business language, making it less passive and neutral.


AUSCOM Interaction must propose a personal way of contact, which shows the knowledge and professionalism needed, also that includes empathy and responsibility to the business.


The business philosophy is based in the concept of unity, with evident respect to our differences, but deep in the willingness of closeness and connection being Australia Colombia Chamber of Commerce the appropriate scenery for it.
Concepts such as to connect, expand, add, cooperate and facilitate supports AUSCOM´s philosophy, giving tints of what can be applied depending on the users segment and their interest.


Let us build together a place to be closer to each other, where both, people and business, find more destinations.


Our business center offers a range of qualified services which main purpose is to promote sustainable business relationships, industry, tourism, and strengthen cultural and educational ties between the two regions.

The Australia Colombia Chamber of Commerce (AUSCOM) is composed by a competent team that builds a close, trusting, professional, and interested in your business, relationship.


Australia Colombia Chamber of Commerce is a non-profit organization created by entrepreneurs with the aim of promoting bilateral relations, consolidating business ties and identifying investment opportunities with companies and associations that operate in the Country.


Our purpose is to act as influential facilitator for organizations interested in bilateral business, providing relevant information to enable them to access markets and efficiently promote their business. Our main interest is to assist your Company to expand its horizons, providing one place where business does take place. Our business focuses on connecting, informing and promoting.


Business opportunities between Australia/New Zealand and Colombia

AUSCOM knows the innovation and the opportunities

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The place to get closer


We shorten distances


Understand each other gets us closer


We minimize risk, maximise opportunities


The binational commerce talk a new language


The place where businesses happen


We celebrate being closer


We bring over thanks to a complete portfolio


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