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Being AUSCOM part of the community, you have privileged access to information, access to use of our facilities for meetings or events, or if required, commercial home or virtual office service.



CONECTION: We connect you with great associates for your business. We connect you with new business opportunities in order that you may achieve greater effectiveness in the realization of your business.

Benefits: Effectiveness in your contacts, new alliances, access to best practices and to groups of similar interest, contacts with centers of influence, increased market opportunities. The associates are bi-national chambers, entrepreneurs, suppliers, colleagues, government and private entities, and you.

INFORMATION: We minimize the risks, and optimize opportunities. Making the best decision to expand your company depends on a thorough understanding of the target, its laws, regulations, potential associates and other market factors.

Benefits: Make sound decisions, minimize risk, reduce costs, and meet effective contacts, you, market research, regulation of each Country, potential associates, suppliers and customers, and studies by sectors.

Benefits: Brand Positioning, relationship with the value chain, access to relevant information on events, fairs, and membership directory, you, business fairs, trade missions and events, BTL, Periodicals, ATL, and virtual content platform.

PROMOTE providepositioning platformsfor your brand.We providestrategies to increasethe exposureof your company.

Legal Advice: Through Australia Colombia Chamber of Commerce you will have available legal consultancy specializing in trade and worldwide exchange of goods and services processes.
Strategic Management, we have analysts and experts in market research, characterization of users, plans, business models and business innovation strategies, who will advice you on how to potentiate and increase your chances of success in bi-national markets.


Market Research: With AUSCOM, you will have essential information on markets from Colombia, Australia, Asia and the Pacific Region, and will be able to know the latest consumer trends that will allow your products and services to be competitive in the bi-national markets and trade objectives.
Logistics and Foreign Trade: Reducing risk factors for its members is one of  the fundamental premises of AUSCOM, and for such reason we have associates and suppliers in international trade logistics at especially  competitive rates to our members.
Marketing and communications: AUSCOM provides tactical services to promote and market your products or services brands: relationships, business portals, trade shows, press releases and virtual offices, are some of the marketing solutions we offer.
Human Resources: One of the risk factors considered by employers with expectations of international expansion is hiring foreign employees in their company. Together with      AUSCOM develop skills, coordinate training and coaching processes, heighten your technical, strategic and commercial knowledge.
Immigration Advice and travels: The Australia Colombia Chamber of Commerce provides you with advice and guidance on for immigration formalities in both countries. Obtain your visa and get information on destinations, costs, plans and bi-national travel discounts.